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It broke'd

2012-03-24 01:12:11 by Project-Epsilon

Right when I was getting good at FL, it broke.
Ima go reinstall it.

P.S. I am currently running FL off of my Linux Desktop via an emulator but it works correctly :D
P.P.S. What is broken: The play button broke XD so I can't hear anything XD

Anyway, time to reinstall.


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2012-03-24 15:27:34

I use an alien-ware laptop which seems to do the trick so i wouldn't know if it had anything to do with your PC. Try downloading it if you havent already. Just download the demo then regster the key from whatever version you bought onto the demo unlocking it into the full version. If you need more info PM me ;]


2012-04-06 23:24:12

Well, I have a Compaq with Xubuntu 11.10.

I will soon buy a Dell with i3, so I will actually have correct I/O and Software.