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2012-03-09 01:53:06 by Project-Epsilon

I'm gettin a new laptop. I now know the basics of FL10. Music production coming soon.


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2012-03-09 03:36:54

:D Cool story bro.


2012-03-09 03:37:24

Sorry about that. Newgrounds glitch. :C

Project-Epsilon responds:

It's ok, I have a delete button on comments. Newgrounds sometimes glitches.


2012-03-12 10:43:04

What type of laptop and IM SO HAPPY YOU GOT FL STUDIO. Dude do you want to do a collab some time?

Project-Epsilon responds:

well, I need some practice before I work on collabs as I am just beginning.

I am either getting an i3, 6gb, 500gb or a 4-i7, 8gb, 750gb
there is quite a difference but not much of one for music developing(I'm assuming)