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Epsilon mix

2012-01-25 19:58:43 by Project-Epsilon

ok people, I am releasing the Epsilon mix, which is the songs I have found to be excellent, and I compile them into monthly archives, usually 30 songs per month.

Please, comment if you are interested, if anyone is, I will upload it to mediafire or something.

And please, suggest your songs to be in the Epmix, if they aren't already

Epsilon mix


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2012-01-27 14:44:40

paragonx9 better be in there :D
id also suggest the artists: ioneofmany, Boun3,
Cronamut, Trancecrafter, xKore (if yoou like dubstep), and SKILLZmakeKILLZ (also known as sakura girl) ;D

(Updated ) Project-Epsilon responds:

lol, PX9 is in the Feb2012 mix but I try to focus on the lesser known artists, and not the 500,000 fan artists :)
thx for the suggestions, it helps a lot, I am not that strict as this is merely a way to advertise artists while providing a public service (music).


2012-02-11 21:14:54

I support the idea, just make sure you give credit to the artists. I want to see if maybe I can sneak a few songs on there, hahaha.

Project-Epsilon responds:

of course the songs will be credited. In full. If I had more time, I'd even put Author profile links.