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Entry #1

First song

2011-12-19 15:05:56 by Project-Epsilon

I just uploaded the sample of my first song to be checked by moderators.
Thank you, anyone who reads this.
Commenting is much appreciated.



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2012-01-19 14:31:05

ill check it out

(Updated ) Project-Epsilon responds:

Wow Thanks! The submission is -Ep01(s)- Symphony of light.

The -Ep01(s)- part is explained in the author's comment/afterwords

oh and btw I am abandoning that failure of a song...I just realized that that is just a sample to get me in the musical sub-mindset. Sorry about the bleeding ears, I will repair that with better music [coming soon/when I buy Magix full edition]


2012-01-20 00:44:23

I never understood FL... Now I have to learn Magix... My real first song will be delayed a little [to february]


2012-01-21 00:29:46

That's cool. Took a week for them to accept mine. Whats this about not understanding FL? Oh well, I will take note to listen to your compositions sometime. Have a great day!

Project-Epsilon responds:

oh thx, yeah "Someday" is actually quite accurate...It will be a while before I really immerse myself in music. Good luck to all.